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Bridging the Energy Technology and Market in the most effective way.

Welcome to Egas Finland.

Home of Clean & Advanced Energy Solutions.


EGAS Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 2006 in Pakistan as a sole representative of Fornovo Gas srl., an Italian CNG equipment manufacturer for Pakistan. Foreseeing the falling supply of natural gas reserves in the face of increasing demand, EGAS in late 2010 transformed itself into a natural gas sale & distribution company & started to supply in March of 2011. EGAS is the Pakistan’s first private natural gas scale & distribution company and it specializes in capturing flared gas at the oil wells. In the past 3 years, EGAS has gained a significant experience in harnessing the flared gas & trucking it to destinations where it can be economically used.

We have worked continuously with many European companies in the field of oil & gas, renewable energy solutions like wind and solar and also participated many other engineering and project development projects with some of the leading European energy and technology companies.


Natural gas

Solar, wind, hybrids


Something we have not seen yet.

Hello, Finland!

We believe that everyone working with the energy business around the world recognises the high pace of technical development around us and that is exactly why we decided to expand our operations to Finland, one of the leading hubs of technology in the world.

There is certainly an enormous capacity of technical knowhow in Finland, as well as other Nordic and Northern-European countries, and in many cases the real mass market for the technology coming out from that phenomenal R&D activities will exists in fast developing countries in the world, in Pakistan for example. We know the market, the opportunities and growing demand for advanced and new energy solutions and that is why want to be close to the best companies and people able to deliver the best new solutions to produce and distribute energy.

We are a family company and we believe in good long-term relations also in business and that is our way of doing business also in Finland and with the Finnish and Nordic companies.