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Bridging the best energy technology with the biggest markets in the world for better environment.

Home of Clean and Advanced Energy Solutions.

EGAS ENERGY is a Pakistan-Finland Joint Venture and we are working with our regional and international partners capturing flared gas. We care about environment and that is why we have been in close cooperation with many Finnish and European energy and technology companies for years, as catching the flared gas is one of the quickest forms of cutting global warming: methane flaring is one of the biggest reasons of global warming in the world and even a bigger cause of atmospheric temperature rising when compared to CO2. This is what we want to cut for better environment and access of gas to many industries, housing associations and even private users.

The story of EGAS ENERGY started back in 2006, when we started as a sole representative of Fornovo Gas srl, an Italian CNG equipment manufacturer for Pakistan. During the last decade we have grown from equipment consulting and sales to a full scale provider of gas related solutions, gas distribution and then forward with all new sustainable energy solutions.

We are also the only full service CNG equipment and consulting firm in Pakistan. With our European partners we have introduced the most technologically advance equipment in Pakistan and just in one year of inception, we became one of the leading CNG equipment and services provider in the country. Our clients include many multinational oil & gas companies, government institutions, industrial clients and also individual CNG retailers. We also advise and consult customers at several different stages of their gas and sustainable energy business projects and operations.

Foreseeing the falling supply of natural gas reserves in the face of increasing demand, EGAS in late 2010 transformed itself into a natural gas sale and distribution company & started to supply in March of 2011. We are Pakistan’s first private company in this sector, specialized in capturing flared gas at the oil wells, something that is producing energy to our industrial clients and simultaneously cutting a huge amount of harmful emissions. EGAS ENERGY is the only licensed company capturing flared gas in Pakistan.

We believe that we know gas. And with that our core competency of needs and requirements of our clients we have been able to create a company that we proudly say is the market leader in our own category. Our group of experienced engineers work closely with our clients to deliver top notch advice and high quality customized equipment. In Pakistan, out network spans across the country from Peshawar to Karachi and is streamlined to deliver a consistently high level of quality service across the country. Now it is time for the next step.

It is time to look to the future and beyond. We are keen to expand and browse new ways to produce and distribute clean energy around the world and that is why we are now in Finland, Nordic region and Europe. We want to work with you to research and develop the best new advanced energy solutions in the world.


Virtual pipelines cutting CO2 emissions in a big way!

EGAS specialises in capturing flared gas from oil and gas fields and putting it to a positive economic and environmentally friendly use. 

In the past years, EGAS has gained a significant experience in harnessing the flared gas – normally just burned away causing huge amount of CO2 emission to this world – and further trucking it to destinations where it can be economically used. That’s what we call our own virtual gas pipeline, serving our industrial clients in Pakistan and cutting CO2 emissions in a big way too.

But there is even more environmental reasons for our activities. Methane flaring is one of the biggest reasons of global warming in the world and actually even a bigger cause of atmospheric temperature rising when compared to CO2. We want to cut that and harness the bad into energy supporting industries.



Cooperation in R&D with Finnish, Nordic and European companies

We visited Finland first time in 2012 to research some of the most advanced companies in the energy business then. In 2018 we decided to establish own operation to Finland to work with the best companies and experts in our field.

Disruptive thinking is what we need and that is why we are here. Whether you are a big or small company working with energy solutions, research institute, university or innovation center, please come and challenge us with your new ideas. It might be gas or something else, we are looking for the best solutions for better and environmental friendly solutions. We are here because of the best brains and ideas interested to work with us.

We believe in the power of knowledge and we would invite you to work with us for something new in the energy business. From this region to bigger markets, somewhere where our work will do a big change.

We are a family company and we believe in good long-term relations also in business and that is our way of doing business also in Finland and with the Finnish, Nordic and European companies. Welcome to join the family.



Our experience.

We safely capture and transport natural gas and supply it to customers that otherwise would use diesel, furnace oil or wood. Not only do we eliminate flaring but we also help customers avoid using expensive and polluting fuel mix that not only are highly harmful for the environment but are also prohibitively expansive for production causing unemployment and bankruptcies in many developing countries such as Pakistan.

EGAS is one of a very small number of companies in the world that are transporting natural in this way, quite uniquely taking the gas from the flare to the customer where as many of our competitors in the work transport natural gas from major pipelines and harbors to their customers. We have proudly been a bridge between E&P companies and customers since 2010.


EGAS ENERGY in Finland

We believe that everyone working with the energy business around the world recognises the high pace of technical development around us and that is exactly why we decided to expand our operations to Finland, one of the leading hubs of technology in the world.

There is certainly an enormous capacity of technical knowhow in Finland, as well as in the Nordic region. However, in many cases the real mass market for the technology coming out from those phenomenal R&D activities will exists in those fast developing countries in the world, in Pakistan, elsewhere in South and Central Asia or African continent for example.

We know the market, the opportunities and challenges, but also the growing demand for advanced and new energy solutions and that is why we want to be close to the best companies and people able to deliver the best new solutions to produce and distribute energy. In our home market in Pakistan and beyond.



What are we
looking for in the future and with you?

We have worked with gas for the last decade. We started from the scratch and built a complete system to serve our industrial clients in Pakistan in a way that helps the environment in a massive way too.  But now it is time for the next step to develop something bigger, more effective and better to our clients and especially for the environment. Something that is productive enough to be commercially sustainable but excellent for this globe. You might call it a change. And that change we want to make to happen. It is time for the change and we want to be one the top companies in such a development.

We believe that together we can create something revolutionary in the production and distribution of clean energy, something we might not even see right now. And that is why we want to work with all the best brains of the energy business in Finland and Nordic region.

If you can also feel the change and all the opportunities, which new technology can bring to us, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Together we can do it.


Management, Board of Directors

Mr. Yasir Raza

Board Member and Head of Technical R&D of Egas Finland, holds a Bachelor’s degree from UET and a MBA from London Metropolitan University. He has an extensive experience in the fields of technology and oil & gas sectors and he brings his strong technical expertise to our operations. He is also an active Board Member of Finland Pakistan Business Council (FPBC) in Pakistan and chairs the Committee of Technology and Energy cooperation there.


Dr. Taimur Raza

Dr. Taimur Raza, is our Chairman of the Board, and holds an M.B.B.S. from Hamdard University and an M.R.C.P. degree from the UK. Previously, he has worked successfully as a medical professional and brings us his ever-lasting passion to find the best energy solutions for both environment and people’s health. He is also in charge for the key relationships with governmental, financial institutions and large corporate clients.


Mr. Hassan Raza

Mr. Hassan Raza is a Board Member and COO of Egas Finland Ltd. Prior joining the family business, he worked extensively in the international consultancy sectors in KPMG in the UK and Deloitte as well as Ernst & Young in the USA. He holds B.S. and MBA degrees from Indiana University, USA and runs our operations on daily level in Finland and Europe. He has also acted as Co-Chairman of Finland Pakistan Business Council since 2013.

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Mr. Wille Eerola

Advisor for Strategy, Partnerships and Finance of Egas Energy. He has 30 years international experience in business development, strategies and marketing and he has advised hundreds of companies and several universities, research and innovation centers as well as startups with their future strategies , technology and growth in Europe, US and Asia. He is also the acting Hon. Consul General of Pakistan in Finland and chairs the Finland Pakistan Business Council

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We know gas!

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